Not necessarily in order of fear:

1. Sea Sickness – Car sickness, vertigo, inner ear probz are all realities for me. I have the Sea Band, ginger tea, and will hydrate LOTS. I’m not getting “the patch” because I don’t want a doctor visit in order to get said patch, but I will have plenty of dramamine, both drowsy and non-drowsy.

2. Weight Gain – Too much food talk in regard to cruises. Quite frankly, I only eat one major meal a day. Quite frankly, I have a problem passing by chocolate anything.

3. Onboard Charges – I know I will be super- paranoid about any extra charges. “Is that included?” will be my mantra.

4. Bathing Suit – Really? Does this even need any elaboration?

5. White Skin

6. Sun damage – Can not afford any new sun damage. Period.

7. Tsunami – I am a child of the 70’s. “Poseidon Adventure”.

8. The Unknowns – In my ignorance, I am certain there is more to fear, but I am yet to know what it might be.

9. Bathing Suit – I am a girl who knows my limitations. This is not good. See #2 chocolate.

10.Bathing Suit

Will report back post-cruise.

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  1. Spray tan…..yuck??? Seriously??? Do you not know who to talk to about this??? Do you not know what I do for a living??? Ask Baylee? Kristi??? Girl…you know I wouldn’t steer you wrong!!!

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