FARMHOUSE 24 Ministry 

FH24 is a very unique and personal Christian ministry opportunity. 

The man who keeps everything running smoothly at HC Farm is my husband. He stokes the fire when it is cold, and he cuts the grass when it is warm. He has the tools, muscles, know-how, and kindness to make my crazy home improvement ideas become real.(Yay!) He also happens to be an author of over 30 books, a speaker, a former student pastor/pastor, and a theologian. (

Being away from the city, we both miss the constant flow of people and ministry we have always had in our home. We dreamed up FH24 so that we could continue to teach God's Word to His people and to exercise our gift of hospitality. When we sold our mid-town home we had planned on down-sizing but ended up with 7 bedrooms/5.5 baths plus a "Little House". We desire to be good stewards of what God has given to us, so we said, "Bring on the people!"

Plus... we like to have a lot of fun.

What is the "24" in "FH24"??

The 24-hour experience takes place at HC Farm (our home) and begins on Friday at 4:00 P.M. The following afternoon, it is group photo time on the porch (3:30).By Saturday 4:00 P.M., we are waving good-bye as your group drives away from this intensely compact and deep learning time.

 How many people can participate in each FH24 experience?

The ministry is unique because it is very up-close and personal. It is a fantastic opportunity to ask questions, have facilitated discussions, and to participate in 4 teaching sessions + lots of fun firepit and/or veranda time together. The  number of learners is limited to 10-13. 

 What is the cost of FH24?

The cost is $1500 per FH24 experience. When there are 10 participants, the cost is $150 each( lodging, meals, and teaching included!).

What are the session topics?

Each unique FH24 experience includes teaching from one of the following selected topics. (Click on each link to see Table of Contents/Book Sample Pages):

How can I book a FH24 for my group?

Begin the booking process with a simple email inquiry to Bev: