About Us

The CityGirl & Co.

My kids grew up (The Nerve!) and left the nest (And the only good part about that is a clean house.) I traded my mid-town life for a wild, new adventure away from the city.

I'm the CityGirl in the middle of nowhere (Cue the canned laughter.) with a lifetime of knowledge to share with YOU.

I am living on this mountain crest both literally ... and figuratively. I have been to the top of the mountain, and I have come back down to share really great stuff with YOU.

Stuff that I know will change you forever.

So... grab a cuppa coffee and meet me on the top veranda. I love to talk, and I have a lot to say.



The CityGirl

I saw a mole, and I didn't scream. I miss Target and Anthropologie. And the bike trail. I drink coffee on the top veranda... every day like clockwork. Special shout-out to The Author (my husband) who puts up with lots of my wild ideas and fixer upper projects. He has the muscles and the tools to do it all. Yay!



The Labradoodle

Sweetest and smartest dog in the world is becoming quite the old girl, but  loves all the new smells  in the country. She is my faithful friend.

Lucy Profile


The Party Girl

Stop everything! Here comes the party! Forget coffee on the veranda, it is time to throw the red kong. Nothing else matters in life but the red kong... except food. Oh, and  following The City Girl's every step while wondering when it will be time to throw the red kong.

City Friends Always Ask: What Do You Do Way Out There?

Same thing I did in the city: create. HillcrestCottage.Etsy.com 

(Oh, and I take a lot of coffee breaks... just saying'.)