(Enjoying the View) I’m Going on a Cruise and I’m Scared Because

Not necessarily in order of fear:

1. Sea Sickness – Car sickness, vertigo, inner ear probz are all realities for me. I have the Sea Band, ginger tea, and will hydrate LOTS. I’m not getting “the patch” because I don’t want a doctor visit in order to get said patch, but I will have plenty of dramamine, both drowsy and non-drowsy.

2. Weight Gain – Too much food talk in regard to cruises. Quite frankly, I only eat one major meal a day. Quite frankly, I have a problem passing by chocolate anything.

3. Onboard Charges – I know I will be super- paranoid about any extra charges. “Is that included?” will be my mantra.

4. Bathing Suit – Really? Does this even need any elaboration?

5. White Skin

6. Sun damage – Can not afford any new sun damage. Period.

7. Tsunami – I am a child of the 70’s. “Poseidon Adventure”.

8. The Unknowns – In my ignorance, I am certain there is more to fear, but I am yet to know what it might be.

9. Bathing Suit – I am a girl who knows my limitations. This is not good. See #2 chocolate.

10.Bathing Suit

Will report back post-cruise.

(Enjoying the View) Snow on the Mountain

January is the BEST Time for Snow
A Snow Walk Around the Farm
I love it so much… for a few days

The Southern girl in me loves an occasional snow. Living in the country makes the snow even more delightful. Cheese dip, chili, soup, coffee, and hot chocolate. However, after a few days, the Southern girl in me is ready for the snow to be on its way.

We had one night of -2 degrees. No words.

The melting has arrived! I am ready to be back to my walking routine and to human-like temperatures again.