I’m Bev Kinley the CityGirl who traded her mid-town life for a country farmhouse. Here at Hillcrest Cottage Farm I am “Living Life on the Mountain Crest Enjoying the View.”

Literally and Figuratively.

I write this blog because I am the Trail Guide who has been to the mountain top, and, now, I’m back to tell YOU how YOU can reach the crest, too. I’m back to tell you life-changing stuff.

Real Stuff.

I’m talking about stuff that will rock your world and change you for a lifetime…even into eternity.

Woah. Hugh promise, right?

I have been at the bottom looking up towards the peak wondering how to get there, so I know a lot about you! You want to know which paths to take, where to safely place your feet, and how- the- heck you are going to conquer the mountain.

Time is short.

We need to get YOU to the top, so you, too, can enjoy the view!

Oh, and the trail will be

Too. Much. Fun.

I promise you are going to enjoy the journey.

You are going to discover the path leading to the Pinnacle of Personal Success.


Personal Success is:

  • NOT┬ábusiness success
  • NOT leadership success
  • NOT your public persona
  • NOT your social media brand


Personal success is:

  • Who you want to be with family and friends
  • Who you want to be when no one is looking
  • Who you want to be at your core

Do you want to know how to:

  • Prioritize and Maximize Your Time?
  • Create Realistic Goals You Can Achieve?
  • Organize Your Personal World?
  • Live with Purpose?
  • Know Who You Are & Why You are even Spinning Around this Globe?

Well, then, let’s get going! Click the “BLOG Tab”, and subscribe so you won’t miss a single post.

I have a lot to tell you.

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Top-Down Fun with #2 Son

My People.

My People

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