Meet the Main Characters

Learning how to predict the weather through my wild persimmon tree’s seeds, canning apple butter for the first time, and meeting a mole face-to-face while not screaming are a few of my new skills.

Meet the main characters in this continuing saga.

Lucy Profile

Lucy the Doodle-less

She’s The Party Animal

It is always a party whenever Lucy enters the scene. She was supposed to be a golden -doodle but her “doodle” never arrived. She leaves her famous hair EVERYWHERE which drives us crazy, but, over time, she has worked her way into our hearts.

Shock collar coming soon for this precious because recently she found a way to run out into the nearby highway. Not good.



I’m The City Girl

I created a blog in 2005. As my kids were grown and gone,¬†my posts became more infrequent . I also noticed my mid-town Hillcrest Cottage began haunting me with ghosts of “my children past”. Though my cottage told happy tales of raising three sons, I found myself looking more backward than forward. Not good.

I  imagine many empty-nest mothers experience similar thoughts.

My middle son encouraged me to not “live in the past”. My youngest son urged me to pursue my childhood dream of country living. My husband was a willing participant.

I wanted my BEST days to be ahead of me, not behind. I had so much more living to do!

We planted a “for sale” sign in the yard. A farmhouse on 23 acres popped into my life. Soon we were on our way to a crazy, new chapter.

Our city friends still ask, “Why?’ When they visit, however, they understand (and even ask to stay extra days).

This city girl is experiencing all kinds of new challenges. My journey from city life to a small-town- country lifestyle is why I have created this blog. I will tell some funny stories, showcase my artistic side, and teach awesome DIY projects.

If you have grown children, what new things are you planning to do? It may not be as radical as uprooting your entire life, but I hope this blog will inspire to live YOUR life well.


Mac the Labradoodle

Reluctant Alpha Dog

This sweet girl hates to exert her alpha power but will if necessary. There are no words to tell you how much I love this perfect dog. She is my main bestie and will never be replaced. Understands the English language like you can’t believe. Never done anything wrong. Always chill and obedient. She is becoming quite the “old girl” but still frolics like a pup in her new digs.